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Hind Health Product
Hind Health Product
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Welcome to HIND Health

Multimodal Diagnostics Solution

HIND Health is a professional in-vitro diagnostics company in India with aims of providing high quality by diagnosing illnesses accurately and quickly. HIND Health is researching and developing quick diagnostics, immunodiagnostics, blood glucose monitoring systems for self-testing. HIND Health develops and provides diagnostics products through which quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis of illnesses are possible.

Offering an entire gamut of products and services across Biochemistry, Haematology, Critical Care, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Immunology, Quality Control including the latest state-of-art Immunodiagnostics products.

We are committed to use our creativity, experience, automation know-how and scientific knowledge to shape the future of the laboratory diagnostics with focus to deliver high quality diagnostic solutions to our customers.


To provide innovative and affordable quality solutions to reduce the burden of diseases with a vision to provide local to global and vice versa.


Our mission is to develop and provide diagnostics products through which quantitative and qualitative analysis of illness are possible and also to provide innovative and affordable quality solutions.